Premier League Action

By , Posted on 31st October 2011 - Posted in: Football News, News

Wow! What else can you say after another fantastic weekend of Premier League action? Historically when the big teams lock horns tight games with both defences on top has been the order of the day.  We’re left to talk either about the one moment of true genius that won the game or the controversial refereeing decision that ‘cost’ another team the points.

Technically absorbing football? Yes. Thrills and spills? Well no, not normally.

As far as this season goes though the situation could hardly be more different. Off the top of my head I can recall the following goal bonanzas involving the top half a dozen clubs:

Spurs 1 v 5 Man City
Spurs 4 v 0 Liverpool
Man Utd 8 v 2 Arsenal
Man Utd 1 v 6 Man City
Chelsea 3 v 5 Arsenal

and it’s still only October! Saturday’s free for all at Stamford Bridge was like a kick about in the park between mates with jumpers for goalposts and next goal wins. I half expected someone to pick up the ball and take it with him as he nipped off home for lunch.

I suppose normal service will be resumed at some point, and I’m not surprised Sir Alex was relieved to see his boys grind to a 1:0 win at Goodison, but let’s hope the goals keep flying in, at least for a little while longer.

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