God Save Us from that Awful Dirge


A final word on England now that the dust has settled a little. I wrote earlier in the week about the clear lack of identity the team has. As a first step to tuning into some genuine Englishness we need to get shut of that dreadful national anthem. I’m convinced replacing it with something a thousand times more inspirational would do wonders. In addition, God Save the Queen is the United Kingdom anthem. It doesn’t belong to the English per se and appropriating it as our own is an example, among many, of just why the Scots, Irish and Welsh are quick to accuse us of arrogance. Anyway, let’s be honest, it’s rubbish. As a tune to rouse passions and put fire in the belly it’s as useful as a chocolate teapot. Get rid. Let’s have ‘Jerusalem’ instead, or in fact anything that would make our lads sing with the same gusto Italian ‘keeper Gigi Buffon belts out his anthem for example.

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